Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Free Financial Planning: My Response to COVID-19

I am waiving all my hourly financial planning fees, effective immediately, to help anyone, anywhere in the country.  In these times when so many Americans are feeling both emotional and financial stress, everyone should have access to someone with a financial planning and financial therapy background without fretting over the fee. I am here to help on a voluntary basis.

Based on my research, expertise, and experience, I have been predicting a major market disruption for some time (although I did not expect it to be a pandemic). As a result, we have been allocated primarily to strategies that provide steady cash flow while simultaneously insulating from even severe market losses. Consequently, I am not at all frantic at this time. The only calls I have received are from folks whose accounts I do not manage seeking what my research is showing and a game plan moving forward.

Many people are distraught over what has happened to their investments, what risks lie ahead, and what they should do at this moment. I have spoken with people who had planned to retire within the next year or two, and now realize that they have to come up with a Plan B. I have spoken with folks who are sick and tired of the roller coaster ride associated with traditional investments. They’ve seen their nest eggs cut dramatically when commercial real estate dried up in the 1980s, and again in the 1990’s on account of the dot com debacle, and again after 9/11, and again after the subprime mortgage crisis, and now again as a result of COVID-19 with fears of more to follow. They do really well when the market soars, but they give it back when the market goes south. They desperately seek someone with reliable research and strategies to make sure they stop the cycle from re-occurring another time.

Commonly and naively, many people lump all financial planners together, believing that one is as good or harmful as another. This is akin to believing all surgeons perform the same. Most people have an offense but not a defense when it comes to investment management. All of the market’s gains over the last four years have evaporated as we are now trading at levels equivalent to 2016. Meanwhile, our national debt has skyrocketed, and it is exploding even further. We are in a bear market, and times will be tough for many people for a long time, notwithstanding the fact that they are in denial and don’t want to face it.

Our country’s standing and our citizens’ financial security are at risk. We need much better and profound financial literacy, knowledge and empowerment. We need real knowledge and information beyond what the talking heads dish out nightly. We need someone who can educate us and direct us in an objective and unbiased way.

 What can I do to educate, empower people to get them on the right path? What can I do to provide independent and prudent guidance as it relates to your specifics at a time when you might be feeling financially insecure and are consequently reigning in spending? As a perpetual student of finance and investments who shares what I have learned from the masters, I can make a lasting contribution through providing virtual online personal conference calls gratis, waiving my retainer and all fees. This could easily equate to thousands of dollars.

Limiting exposure to re-occurring market crashes has to become a primary objective.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Someone’s physical and mental wellbeing are paramount, but financial stability is not far behind.

I am here to help. I have navigated through a variety of market cycles. Unlike restaurant owners and personnel, lawyers, dentists, retailers, hair and nail salons, and numerous non-essential service providers, because of positioning, I personally am very mildly impacted by the implosion of the market or the economy. The least I can do is donate my time and knowledge to others. Regardless of your net worth, age, prior experience, etc., or that of anyone to whom you forward this, please let me know whether you would like me to email you to coordinate your session(s). If you have a phone, you have a financial planner.

In solidarity,
Greg Gann


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